Monday, 5 July 2010

Post-it doodles...

I love doodling on post-it notes...sometimes I wish that I could capture the quality of line in my more considered drawings.


  1. You get a lot closer than most, David. Plenty of interest in the linework in your finished pieces as well as your doodles.

    It's pretty much every illustrator's wish to retain the life of their freest doodles in their finished work I think but most of us (except maybe Quentin Blake) will never get there. We just have to enjoy edging inches closer year by year, but knowing we'll probably never quite make it.

    But "it's better to travel hopefully than to arrive" anyway. Apparently.

  2. Wise words Dave. It's good to know that it's a problem faced not only by your good-self but indeed by all illustrators. I hope to one day achieve that perfect balance of a considered yet spontaneous line. x